Nasaline® Testimonials

David J. Getoff - Naturopath and Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist

David has spent a lifetime researching the affects of diet and nutrition on health and wellness. He personally uses Nasaline and recommends it to his clients.

For information on improving your health through nutrition education, visit  David Getoff's DVD Resource Center or visit his  Health Practitioner Informational Website.

Nasaline - Nasal Irrigation System

"As a sufferer of chronic sinusitis, flushing my sinuses with saline is an important part of my care, and you have made it easy and convenient. Thanks!"

Steve B., Tulsa, OK

"I can't believe how such a simple and natural procedure can have such lasting results for a severe allergy sufferer as I am. Since I started using Nasaline, I have not had a reason to take any allergy medication. Even on the worst allergy days, I am able to enjoy my day!"

Shirley K., Hillsborough, NJ

"Finally! A long awaited product to effectively treat our patients for nasal and sinus ailments. Nasaline is now being used daily at our hospital."

Dr. Petri Olivius MD, PhD
ENT Clinic, Karolinska Hospital
Stockholm, Sweden

"This weekend I purchased Nasaline at the Mind Body Spirit Expo in King of Prussia. I've used a Neti Pot for years with great satisfaction in reducing general nasal stuffiness and preventing respiratory infections. After using the device for 2 days, I'm DELIGHTED. It's much less messy and quicker than a Neti Pot. It's even very gentle. Thanks for an inventive, non medical, safe product."

Debbie Donnelly, RN BS CYT

"Today I purchased the Nasaline applicator at a trade show. I had been using an electric irrigator for 2 years, but recently had difficulty with the pulsating pressure being too intense, even at a light setting. I can't tell you how happy I was to see, buy and USE your product. It is SO gentle and just did a fabulous job of irrigating my congested sinuses. I just had to write to tell you how pleased I am with it and will spread the word to friends in the same boat as I".

Karen H., Alexandria, VA