Baby NäsaKleen® Frequently Asked Questions

Baby NasaKleen - Nasal Aspirator

Is Baby NäsaKleen made of safe materials?

Yes - All parts of Baby NäsaKleen are BPA, DEHP/phthalate, and latex-free.

Is Baby NäsaKleen safe to use on newborns?

Yes – Baby NäsaKleen is safe to use on newborns, infants and small children.

My baby is very stuffy, but nothing comes out when I
aspirate her.

Try applying a few drops of saline in each nostril - wait for a few moments and then aspirate again.

Caution: Do not use saline drops for more than four consecutive days as it may
dry out the mucous membranes.

Is it possible for me to contract my baby's cold when using Baby NäsaKleen?

No - The hygiene filter prevents mucus and bacteria transfer from child to user.

How is Baby NäsaKleen different than nasal bulb syringes or electrical aspirators?

The traditional bulb syringes are very hard to clean, which makes them susceptible to spread infection. Electrical aspirators typically have one suction mode, which makes it harder to control the suction – particularly when the level of suction required differs between babies.

How do I clean Baby NäsaKleen?

All parts should be disassembled and washed with soap and warm water – let air dry. The hygiene filter should be changed after each use.

Can you use the nasal aspirator more than once?

Yes, Baby NäsaKleen is designed for multiple use.


  • We recommend that you consult your baby's physician before using this product.
  • If your baby has any known nasal ailments, we recommend that you consult your baby's physician before using this product.
  • Contains small parts - Keep out of reach of children!