Snooze® Testimonials

"Not only did Snooze help reduce my snoring, but I can finally sleep with my mouth closed. As a result, my husband also tells me that he can now sleep in peace. Thank You!"

Anne M. Totowa, NJ

"I have a deviated septum so I wear my Snooze during my workouts. It fits comfortably and allows me to take deeper, fuller breaths, enhancing my performance - naturally!"

Brian D. Wichita, KS

"I recommend Snooze for many of my patients to help them limit their snoring. Compared to other similar products in the marketplace, Snooze is very soft and gentle against the inside of the nose, while at the same time does not easily fall out. My colleagues and I here at the clinic also highly recommend Snooze as a gentle and easy way to improve nasal breathing."

HÃ¥kan Zackrisson M.D.
Sleep Division
Lowenstromska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

Snooze Nostril Expander - reduce snoring naturally