How to Use NäsaKleen Squeezie®

Squeezie - Nasal Irrigation - Add Salt

1. Empty 1 packet (1/2 teaspoon) of Squip Salt into the Squeezie bottle.

Squeezie- Nasal Irrigation - Shake

2. Fill Squeezie bottle with 8 oz./250ml (up to “Fill Line”) of warm *water - tightly screw on cap with tip - shake to properly mix the solution.

Squeezie - Nasal Irrigation - Rinse Nasal Passages

3. Stand (or sit) over a bathroom sink or use in the shower. Put the silicone tip against the nose so that it completely seals the nostril. Breathe normally through the mouth (or say aaaah...) and gently squeeze the bottle. Refrain from swallowing...

... when the saline solution reaches the back of the nasal cavities, the palate closes automatically by reflex. The saline fills the nasal cavities and proceeds to pour out the other nostril. Perform this process twice in each nostril. Use a tissue to blow out any remaining saline in your nose. Some of the saline can remain in the nose and trickle out later. Tilting your head forward and turning side to side immediately after flushing can prevent this.

*Important Facts about the Saline Solution:

Use distilled or sterilized water. The saline solution should be at or close to body temperature. Once mixed, use the saline solution within 24 hours or discard.

The saline solution has the same salt content as the human body (0.9%) - this is called a physiological (or isotonic) saline solution. Note: The proper salt/water ratio of the saline solution is VERY IMPORTANT! If too much salt is used (hypertonic), slight stinging may be felt. In some cases this may be desirable in order to shrink/reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes - but this may also dry them out if used for an extended period of time. If less than the prescribed amount of salt is used (hypotonic), a stinging sensation may also be felt and it may swell the mucous membranes. This is not desirable, as you may feel somewhat more congested than you did prior to rinsing.

Squip Salt does not contain any additives or preservatives. We do not recommend using regular iodized table salt as the iodine may cause allergic reactions. We also do not recommend using sea salt which may contain algae or pollen.


Use one full bottle (8oz/250 ml) in each nostril per rinsing session. Rinse once or twice daily or as recommended by your doctor.


Remove the tip, unscrew the cap, flush all three parts (bottle, cap, tip) with soap and warm water – let air dry. Store in dry place.


With frequent use, the NäsaKleen Squeezie unit should be replaced every 6-8 months for hygienic reasons.